Table: Racial Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Able Learner 4 Human or doppelganger Cross-class skills cost less per rank
Bright Sigil Illumian You can increase the illumination from your sigils
Catfolk Pounce Catfolk, Dex 13 Gain full attack against a flat-footed target on a charge
Centaur Trample Centaur, Dex 15 Gain a hoof attack against foes you overrun
Channelled Rage Half-orc, ability to rage Use rage to improve Will saves
Complementary Insight Half-elf Increase bonus from skill synergy to +3
Dallah Thaun’s Luck Halfling, Cha 13 Gain +5 bonus on one saving throw per day
Diverse Background 4 Half-human You gain a second favoured class
Elf Dilettante Elf, Int 13 +1 bonus on all untrained skill checks
Enhanced Power Sigils Illumian, two power sigils Increase bonuses from power sigils by +1
Heroic Destiny Human or half-human Add +1d6 to d20 roll once per day
Protected Destiny Human or half-human, Heroic Destiny, character level 3rd Reroll saving throw once per day
Fearless Destiny Human or half-human, Heroic Destiny, character level 6th Avoid death once per day
Focused Mind Elf, Concentration 2 ranks +2 bonus when taking 10 or taking 20 on Intelligence checks
Gnoll Ferocity Gnoll, rage or frenzy ability Gain bite attack for 1d6 points of damage
Human Heritage 4 Half-human or human-descended race You gain the human subtype and 4 skill points
Improved Sigil (Aesh) Illumian, aesh power sigil Bonus on melee weapon damage with Weapon Focus
Improved Sigil (Hoon) Illumian, hoon power sigil Bonus on saves against death effects, massive damage, and some environmental effects
Improved Sigil (Krau) Illumian, krau power sigil You can cast some spells at higher CL
Improved Sigil (Naen) Illumian, naen power sigil Bonus on saves against illusions and language-dependent effects
Improved Sigil (Uur) Illumian, uur power sigil Bonus on ranged weapon damage against targets denied Dex bonus
Improved Sigil (Vaul) Illumian, vaul power sigil Bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting spells and abilities
Killoren Ancient Killoren +4 insight bonus to Knowledge skill
Killoren Destroyer Killoren Daze foes with your killoren smite attack
Killoren Hunter Killoren Pinpoint the location of living creatures
Lightfeet Elf, Dex 13, Balance 2 ranks, Move Silently 2 ranks Move quietly, leaving behind few traces
Menacing Demeanour Orc blood or orc subtype You gain a +4 bonus on Intimidate checks
Sociable Personality Half-elf, Cha 13 You may reroll Diplomacy and Gather Information checks
Subtle Sigil Illumian You can make your sigils disappear
Yondalla’s Sense Halfling Add Wisdom bonus on initiative checks.

Racial Feats

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