Table: Draconic Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Draconic Breath Draconic Heritage Convert spell energy into a breath weapon
Draconic Claw Draconic Heritage Gain claws and make a swift claw attack when you cast a spell
Draconic Flight Draconic Heritage After casting a spell, fly for the rest of the round
Draconic Heritage Sorcerer level 1st Gain draconic class skill and a bonus on saves against sleep and paralysis
Draconic Legacy Any four draconic feats Add spells to your spells known
Draconic Power Draconic Heritage +1 caster level and DC for spells of the energy type matching your Draconic Heritage
Draconic Presence Draconic Heritage Strike fear into lower-level opponents when you cast a spell
Draconic Resistance Draconic Heritage Gain resistance to energy of the type of your Draconic Heritage
Draconic Skin Draconic Heritage Natural armour increases by 1

Draconic Feats

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