Converting from RCR to Saga


  • Better two weapon fighting mechanics
  • More base HP
  • Higher Defense
  • Better force mechanics
  • Larger force point pool
  • Small bard song like ability via the noble (only +1, but still good)
  • Reliable party healing via force or treat injury skill
  • Single skill for ALL force powers
  • Some feats have been compacted
  • Revamped skill system
  • More feats for all classes (1 every even level) in addition to the standard 1,3,6,9,12,15,18
  • Unique mechanics-Talents (allows larger customization)
  • 2 ability score increases at every 4th level (cant be the same score)


  • Higher enemy defense
  • Limited force power regeneration (in combat)
  • Require a feat just to be able to GAIN a force power (1+Wis mod, can be taken multiple times)
  • Heroic Surge removed
  • DM's may give a DS point to force users who use any power to deal any damage (seems a little lame when force slam deals damage and makes them prone (on a successful hit), and force slam seems a cool power)
  • Revamped skill system
  • Novelty of squishyness (VP and WP)
  • Requires a feat at level 6 to get a second attack, then another at 11 for the third
  • 8 hours rest only heals your character level in hp instead of 1 hp/level/hour
  • Force illusion no longer exists


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