Star Wars Role Playing Game



  • Who / why / what attacked you on Masodi's mining station
  • What happened to the other ship
  • What was stolen from Aquinos
  • What happened to Aquinos
  • How can we get home



Character Player Race & Class Title
Gobar Dizz Stoy Level 4 Gungan Jedi Guardian Master of tentacles
Masodi Peter Level 4 Cerean Noble Entrepreneur extraordinaire
Xim Paul Level 4 Human Scoundrel Avoiding death is his specialty
Bwargghh Daniel Level 4 Wookie Soldier Strong silent type
Volyn Adam Level 4 Keldor Force Adept Found & misguided

Current Health

As of Session 13

Character Vitality Wound
Bwargh -14 -5
Masodi -8 -5
Xim -31
Volynn -17 -4
Gobar -34 -10

Current Experience

As of Session 13

Player Prev New Total
Bwarrargh 4749 1400 6149
Gobar 6809 1300 8109
Masodi 5099 1500 6599
Volynn 4699 1400 6099
Xim 5534 1500 7034

Notable Mentions

  • Xim piloting like its hot
  • Masodi out noble'in Zath
  • Party earns the achievement 'Grand Theft Starship'
  • Survived two days on Axxila Prime

Session Summaries

  • list item
  • list item
  • list item
  • list item


Injury and Death

  • If you take wound damage, you become fatigued
  • Make a Fortitude save. DC5+wound points lost this round. If you fail, you are knocked out.
  • A character remains knocked out for 1d4 rounds. You are not considered helpless

House Rules


  • Roll your Hit Dice twice and take the best one at level up
  • You die at -10 minus Character Levels Wound Points. For example Gobar is a 4th level character so he dies at -14 WP, when he is a 12th level character he dies at -22 WP


  • Wookies have an automatic take 10 to tear someone's arms out of their sockets

Force Points

  • All characters can use the force for a crucial d20 roll by expending a Force Point. If you chose to expend a Force Point you lose it immediately, then roll a d4+[remaining force points] amount of d20's instead of one, take any of the rolls.


  • Everyone gets +1 on Armor Proficiency, so someone with light Armor Proficiency would have medium
  • (new) Combat Expertise is now called Power Defense. (Instead of capping out at 5 it caps out at your BAB)


  • Intimidate checks can be made against any single enemy which can understand your language as a standard action
  • Saving DC is X take away 2 for every 2m away. Something like 5(or 10)+Ranks+Cha mod? similar to spells, vs character level+wis (maybe will?) (maybe cha?)+reputation or something (gives rep a purpose)(give the intimidator -2 per 2 meters)
  • An intimidated enemy becomes shaken (minus 2 to all saves, attacks and skill checks)
  • Intimidating a shaken enemy makes him frightened (drops all held items and runs away)
  • If a frightened enemy cannot escape it cowers in the furthermost location it can find



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