Prestige Class Index


Class Levels HD Base Attack Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Alignment
Arcane Archer 10 d8 Good Good Good Poor Any
Arcane Trickster 10 d4 Poor Poor Good Good Any non-lawful
Archmage 5 d4 Poor Poor Poor Good Any
Assassin 10 d6 Average Poor Good Poor Any evil
Blackguard 10 d10 Good Good Poor Poor Any evil
Duelist 10 d10 Good Poor Good Poor Any
Dwarven Defender 10 d12 Good Good Poor Good Any lawful
Eldritch Knight 10 d6 Good Good Poor Poor Any
Hierophant 5 d8 Average Good Poor Good Any
Horizon Walker 10 d8 Good Good Poor Poor Any
Loremaster 10 d4 Poor Poor Poor Good Any
Mystic Theurge 10 d4 Poor Poor Poor Good Any
Shadowdancer 10 d8 Average Poor Good Poor Any
Thaumaturgist 5 d4 Poor Poor Poor Good Any


Class Race BAB Skills and Feats Spells Special
Arcane Archer Elf or Half-elf +6 Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot; Weapon Focus (longbow or shortbow) 1st lvl Arcane
Arcane Trickster Decipher Script 7; Disable Device 7; Escape Artist 7; Knowledge (Arcana) 4 Mage Hand; 3rd lvl Arcane Sneak attack +2d6
Archmage Knowledge (Arcana) 15; Spellcraft 15; Skill Focus (Spellcraft); Spell Focus in two schools 7th lvl Arcane; 5th lvl spells from five schools
Assassin Disguise 4; Hide 8; Move Silently 8 Must kill someone
Blackguard +6 Hide 5; Knowledge (Religion) 2; Cleave; Improved Sunder; Power Attack Must make peaceful contact with evil outsider
Duelist +6 Perform 3; Tumble 5; Dodge; Mobility; Weapon Finesse
Dwarven Defender Dwarf +7 Dodge; Endurance; Toughness
Eldritch Knight 3rd lvl Arcane Proficient with all martial weapons
Hierophant Knowledge (Religion) 15; any metamagic feat 7th lvl Divine
Horizon Walker Knowledge (Geography) 8; Endurance
Loremaster Knowledge (any two) 10; Skill Focus (any Knowledge); any three metamagic or item creation feats Seven different Divination spells, one at least 3rd lvl
Mystic Theurge Knowledge (Arcana) 6; Knowledge (Religion) 6 2nd lvl Arcane; 2nd lvl Divine
Shadowdancer Move Silently 8; Hide 10; Perform (Dance) 5; Combat Reflexes; Dodge; Mobility
Thaumaturgist Spell Focus (Conjuration) Lesser Planar Ally
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