D&D Rules

This is a guide to the base Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 rules set used in our campaigns. Note that specific campaigns may make additional modifications as required.

This is not another d20 SRD clone. There are a number of alterations to skills, feats and spells as they are applied to our campaigns. Read carefully!

The rules are based on the following sources.

Rules Tables
1: General Abilities
2: Races Races Race Index
3: Classes Classes
Racial Paragons
(Base) Class Index
NPC Class Index
Racial Paragon Index
Prestige Class Index
4: Skills Skills Skill Index
5: Feats Feats Feat Index
6: Equipment Equipment Weapon Index
Armour Index
Item Index
7: Magic & Spells Magic
Spell Index
8: Religions Religions Deity Index
Domain Index
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