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Human Deities

Demihuman And Humanoid Deities

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Monster Deities

Dragon deities

  • Aasterinian, demigoddess of play, invention and pleasure. Messenger of Io.
  • Astilabor, lesser goddess of acquisitiveness, status and wealth.
  • Bahamut, intermediate god of good (metallic) dragons, wisdom and the wind.
  • Chronepsis, lesser god of fate, death and judgement.
  • Faluzure, lesser god of energy draining, undeath, decay and exhaustion.
  • Garyx, lesser god of fire, destruction and renewal.
  • Hlal, lesser god of humor, storytelling and inspiration.
  • Io, greater god of all dragons, as well as balance and peace.
  • Lendys, lesser god of balance and justice.
  • Sardior, lesser dragon god of gem dragons, psionics, secrets, and the night.
  • Tamara, lesser goddess of life, light and mercy.
  • Tiamat, intermediate goddess of evil (chromatic) dragons, conquest, greed and cruelty.

Fey deities (Seelie Court)

  • Caoimhin, demigod of killmoulis, food, shyness and friendship.
  • Damh, lesser god of korreds, satyrs, atomies, dance, song, and celebrations.
  • Eachthighern, lesser god of unicorns, pegasi, healing, loyalty and protection.
  • Emmantiensien, lesser god of treants, trees, and deep and hidden magic.
  • Fionnghuala, demigoddess of swanmays, communications and sorority.
  • Nathair Sgiathach, intermediate god of pseudodragons, faerie dragons, sprites, pixies, grigs, mischief and pranks.
  • Oberon, lesser god of nature, wild places and animals. Titania's consort.
  • Skerrit, lesser god of centaurs, community and natural balances.
  • Squelaiche, demigod of leprechauns, trickery and illusions.
  • Titania, greater goddess of all Fey, as well as their realms, friendship and magic. Leader of the Seelie Court and Oberon's consort.
  • Verenestra, lesser goddess of dryads, nymphs, sylphs, female fey, charm and beauty.

The Seldarine are closely linked with the gods of the Seelie Court and other sylvan deities, and the Fair Folk often include prayers to other faerie powers when worshiping the Seldarine. All faiths that venerate one or more members of the Seldarine practice tolerance for followers of the other elven gods as well as for religions of closely allied nature (the cult of Skerrit the Forester being a prime example). The Seelie Court is more or less assumed to include the deities of the sprites, sea sprites, pixies, nixies, atomies, grigs, satyrs, korred, nymphs, brownies, leprechauns, dryads (and hamadryads), unicorns, pegasi, centaurs, swanmays, killmoulis, treants, pseudodragons and faerie dragons, seelic faeries, faerie fiddlers, and gorse faeries. It is ruled by Titania and Oberon, and certain of the previously listed creatures are considered more tightly a part of the Court than others. (The enemy of the Seelie Court is the Unseelie Court, ruled by the Queen of Air and Darkness, who is served by unseelie faeries, quicklings, and bramble faeries, among others.) While such powers have close ties to the elves, they are not counted as part of the Seldarine.

Evil Fey (Unseelie court)

  • Queen of Air and Darkness, intermediate goddess of evil fey, magic, illusions, darkness and murder.

Giant deities

  • Annam, greater god of all giants, as well as magic, knowledge, fertility and Philosophy.
  • Grolantor, intermediate god of hill giants, ettins, hunting and combat.
  • Hiatea, greater goddess of female giants, nature, agriculture, hunting and children.
  • Iallanis, lesser goddess of good giants, love, mercy and beauty.
  • Karontor, lesser god of fomorians, deformity, hatred and beasts.
  • Memnor, intermediate god of pride, mental prowess and control.
  • Skoraeus Stonebones, intermediate god of stone giants.
  • Stronmaus, greater god of cloud giants, storm giants, sun, sky, weather and joy.
  • Surtr, intermediate god of fire giants.
  • Thrym, intermediate god of frost giants, cold, ice and magic.

Lycanthrope deities

  • Balador, lesser god of werebears, protection and fraternity.
  • Daragor, lesser god of werewolves, marauding beasts, bloodlust and pain.
  • Eshebala, lesser goddess of foxwomen (Werefoxes), vanity, charm, greed and cunning.
  • Ferrix, lesser god of weretigers, play, curiosity and hunting.
  • Squerrik, lesser god of wererats, thievery, disguise and concealment.

Kobold Deities

  • Kurtulmak, intermediate god of kobolds, trapmaking, mining and war. (also an additional core power)[4] [5] [10]
  • Gaknulak, kobold demigod of protection, stealth, trickery and traps.

Gnoll Deities

  • Yeenoghu, god of gnolls. (also a nondeity power)
  • Gorellik, god of gnolls, hunting, hyenas and hyaenodons. Has lost most of his power to Yeenoghu.

Other deities

  • Aventernus, god of aventi.
  • Baphomet, god of minotaurs. (also a nondeity power)
  • Blibdoolpoolp, goddess of kuo-toa.
  • Cegilune, goddess of hags.
  • Diinkarazan, derro god of vengeance.
  • Diirinka, god of derro.
  • Doresain, god of ghouls. (also a human power)
  • Eadro, god of merfolk and locathah.
  • Ghaunadaur, god of slimes, oozes, molds and renegade drow.
  • Great Mother, goddess of beholders, magic, fertility and tyranny.
  • Gzemnid, beholder god of gases, fogs, obscurement and deception.
  • Ilsensine, god of illithids.
  • Jazirian, god of couatls, community, peace, learning and parenthood.
  • Kaelthiere, god of salamanders, azers and efreets.
  • Kanchelsis, god of vampires.
  • Kikanuti, goddess of bhukas, fertility and earth.
  • Koriel, god of ki-rin, learning, protection and vigilance against evil
  • Laogzed, god of troglodytes.
  • Lekena, god of light
  • Maanzecorian, illithid god of knowledge and philosophy (deceased).
  • Mak Thuum Ngatha, god of tsochari, psurlons, nilshai, infinite knowledge, destruction of barriers and the spanning of space and time. His unholy symbol is nine squiggly lines arranged in a fan.
  • Mellifleur, god of liches.
  • Meriadar, intermediate god of mongrelfolk, patience, meditation, tolerance, arts and crafts.
  • Merrshaulk, god of yuan-ti.
  • Moon Goddess, goddess of amazons.
  • The Patient One, god of aberrations, secrets, destruction and darkness.
  • Panzuriel, intermediate god of evil aquatic creatures, murder, confusion and subversion.
  • Parrafaire, naga god of guardianship.
  • Persana, god of tritons and architecture.
  • Primus, god of modrons.
  • Psilofyr, god of myconids, community, healing and philosophy.
  • Quorlinn, god of kenku, trickery, disguise and thievery.
  • Ramenos, god of bullywugs, somnolence, intoxication and decay.
  • Ravanna, god of rakshasas.
  • Remnis, god of giant eagles, sky and service.
  • Sekolah, god of sahuagin.
  • Semuanya, god of lizardfolk, survival and propagation.
  • Sess'Innek, god of dark nagas, lizard kings, civilization and dominion. (also a nondeity power)
  • Shekinester, goddess of naga.
  • Sixin, god of xill, war, intrigue and deception.
  • Surminare, god of selkies, beauty and peace.
  • Syranita, goddess of aarakocra, protection and watchfulness.
  • Vaprak, god of ogres, trolls, combat and greed. (also a nondeity power)
  • Wastri, god of amphibians, bigotry, and self-deception.
  • Whale Mother, goddess of darfellan.
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