Genasi (Air)

Genasi (Air)


Air genasi are fast and free-willed. Because the traits that identify an air genasi are subtle, many go unrecognized for what they are for many years and are sometimes mistaken for sorcerers. Those who are overtly different quickly learn to disguise their nature from common folk, at least until they are able to protect themselves and strike out on their own.

Air genasi are descended from outsiders native to the Elemental Plane of Air and humans. Most air genasi come from bloodlines established thousands of years ago by djinni.

Air genasi look human except for one or two distinguishing features related to their elemental ancestor. Some examples of these features are:

  • light blue skin
  • pale white skin
  • white hair
  • light blue hair
  • a constant slight breeze in their presence
  • flesh that is cool to the touch
  • voice that can be heard over any nonmagical wind
  • any sudden movement is accompanied by whistling wind

Air genasi revel in their unusual nature, although few ever try to locate the being who founded their bloodline, since most are long dead or banished back the Elemental Plane of Air. Because djinni bloodlines are so old and have suffered many crossbreedings, it is almost impossible to tell by normal means if two air genasi are from the same bloodline. As a result, all air genasi treat each other as "cousins", although in an arrogant and competitive way.

Air genasi have the same life expectancy and age categories as a human.

Racial Traits

Because they may be of any alignment, air genasi have entered all walks of life, from paladin to necromancer to cleric. Many develop skills as rogues or wizards, balancing their weaknesses with spells or special skills. By their nature, air genasi make poor bards, divine spellcasters, or sorcerers. Those who do practice magic favor spells involving air and electricity.

Air genasi have the following traits:

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma: Air genasi are quick of hand and sharp of wit, but easily distracted and arrogant.
  • Medium-size.
  • Air genasi base speed is 30 feet.
  • Darkvision up to 60 feet.
  • Levitate (Sp): Air genasi can use levitate once per day as cast by a 5th-level sorcerer.
  • Clerical Focus: An air genasi cleric must choose a deity who grants access to the Air domain and select Air as one of her two domains.
  • +1 racial bonus on saving throws against all air spells and effects. This bonus increases by +1 for every five class levels the genasi attains.
  • Breathless: Air genasi do not breathe, so they are immune to drowning, suffocation, and attacks that require inhalation (such as some types of poison).
  • Outsider: Air genasi are native outsiders.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, home region. Bonus Languages: Any (except secret languages, such as Druidic).
  • Favored Class: Fighter. Because of their excellent Dexterity and Intelligence scores, many air genasi go the route of the agile, rapier-wielding fighter rather than the full plate-and-battleaxe variety.
  • Prestige Classes: Air genasi display no particular affinity for any particular prestige class, but are scattered among them in more or less equal degree.
  • Racial Feats: Elemental Bloodline, Improved Levitation.
  • Racial Classes: An air genasi has 1 level of their racial class. An air genasi character receives the maximum hit points for her racial Hit Die. She rolls all Hit Dice from class levels and does not automatically get maximum hit points on her first class level Hit Die.


Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
0 +2 0 +2 -2 -2


Starting Age Aging Effects
Adulthood Short Medium Long Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum
15 +1d4 +1d6 +2d6 35 53 70 +2d20

Height and Weight

Gender Base Height Height Mod Base Weight Weight Mod
Male 4' 10" +2d10 120 lb ×2d4
Female 4' 5" +2d10 85 lb ×2d4

Air Genasi Racial Levels

Air genasi have a single Racial Class level, which covers all racial features as noted above.

Racial Class Skills: The air genasi’s racial class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Knowledge (The Planes), Listen (Wis), and Spot (Wis).

Level Hit Dice Base Attack Fort Ref Will Skill Points Special
1st 1d8 +1 +2 +2 +2 (8 + Int mod)×4


Outlook: Air genasi, like all the elemental planetouched, are proud of their heritage, regardless of others' opinion of them. They know they are descended from powerful beings, even nobles of their kind. Most people look upon such things with awe or fear, so the air genasi are used to being flamboyant with their abilities and expect a certain amount of deference from normal folk. Because they consider themselves children of the sky, air genasi move about a lot over the course of their lives. Air genasi want to see and taste the air in radically different places and consider settling in one place for any length of time to be confining.

Air genasi view air elementals as dumb brutes but see djinn and other intelligent air-outsiders as potential rivals for attention and power.

Society: Although rarely is more than one air genasi born to any particular couple, these planetouched see each other as members in an extended family, and their tendency to wander means that they are more likely than not to find another of their kind at some point in their travels. Air genasi use these times to exchange news of other air genasi, usually in the form of bragging about their own deeds compared to others. Unlike the bonds that aasimar share, air genasi feel no need to defend other air genasi, and in fact see another air genasi's weakness as an affirmation of their own strength.

In a few rare cases, particularly charismatic air genasi have gathered a few dozen of their own kind to form a mercenary company, cabal of mages, or mercantile group. These individuals sometimes take air genasi children away from human parents so they may be raised by their own kind. However, air genasi rarely stay together for longer than a year, so these fosterlings usually end up being raised by one or two air genasi who stick together after the group dissolves. Still, these young genasi gain some sense of community and often go on to start their own temporary groups.

Language and Literacy: Air genasi have no common language, although most learn Auran if only to feel elitist and to share secrets with each other when within earshot of non-genasi. An air genasi usually learns the language of his parents and may pick up other languages appropriate to his region.

All air genasi are literate except for barbarians.

Magıc and Lore: The air genasi have no unique spells of their own, but favor spells of air and lightning.

Spells And Spellcasting: Spell Focus (Evocation) and Spell Focus (Conjuration) are two common feats for air genasi spellcasters. Air genasi wizards often specialize in one of those two schools as well.

Deities: Air genasi have no common racial deity. Because air genasi clerics must choose deities who grant the Air domain, all air genasi clerics worship Aerdrie Faenya, Akadi, Auril, Set, Shaundakul, Sheela Peryroyl, or Valkur. Those who are not devout enough to be clerics still worship those deities or a skythemed deity appropriate to their region.

Aerdrie Faenya, the elven goddess of the skies, is normally only worshiped by air genasi with strong ties to elven communities, particularly communities of avariels. The air genasi of Aerdrie's faith act as protectors of avian creatures and encourage elves to explore other parts of the world, including human societies.

Relations With Other Races: Although they are arrogant about their own abilities, air genasi are smart enough to recognize the talents of the elven race (including half-elves), and they share a similar enjoyment of open natural spaces. They consider dwarves homebound and closed-minded, enjoying far too much the stony comfort of a cavern roof overhead. Gnomes are regarded much as dwarves, but the air genasi know that some gnomes love the open sky as much as the elves do, and these are tolerated.

Halflings wander as much as air genasi do, and so the hin are welcome traveling companions to the planetouched. Half-orcs are considered clumsy and brutish, but valuable allies in a fight, and so even the haughty air genasi choose their words carefully around these large half-breeds. Humans are accepted, although air genasi consider a typical human's readiness to settle on an unclaimed plot of land annoying and pointless.

Aasimar, tieflings, and other kinds of genasi are in the same boat as far as air genasi are concerned. All are touched by something out of this world, but since no other "taint" is truly as awesome and inspiring as the element of air, air genasi tend to treat these beings as limited but interesting distant relations.

Equipment: Air genasi have no weapon or piece of equipment that is common to their race, because they usually lack a common background or training. However, because every air genasi has the innate ability to levitate, they are less likely to carry rope or similar climbing equipment, and most would pass over a Ring Of Feather Falling for a different piece of treasure.

Animals And Pets: Air genasi prefer birds and other flying creatures as animal companions or pets. Some of the stranger air genasi acquire unusual animals such as flying squirrels, winged snakes, or oversized insects for this purpose. Rumor speaks of air genasi mages with arrowhawks as familiars, but this remains unproven.

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