Half-Orc Paragon

Half-Orc Paragon

Half-orcs with racial levels are unusual in that they rarely have large populations of other half-orcs promoting and supporting their views of their race. Rather, most characters with half-orc levels find the strength to champion their heritage by overcoming the challenges of a unique and sometimes isolated upbringing. Half-orcs are powerful warriors who often combine the innate ferocity of their orc heritage with the quick thinking and inventiveness of humanity.

Half-orcs can take up to three levels in Half-orc Paragon at any time. Not all half-orcs, however, take these levels (or all three of them).

Game Rule Information

Hit Die: d8.
Skill Points at 1st Character Level: (4 + Intelligence modifier) × 4.
Skill Points at Higher Levels: 4 + Intelligence modifier.
Paragon Skills: The half-orc’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).

Paragon Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Half-orcs are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and with light armor and medium armor.

Divided Ancestry (Ex): Unlike most other races, half-orcs can take levels in more than one race. After achieving at least one level as a half-orc, the character can take either orc levels or human levels. Although a half-orc can multiclass freely between half-orc levels and either human levels or orc levels (Hit Dice), he cannot take levels in both orc and human.

Monstrous Mien (Ex): Half-orcs can channel their innate ferocity, resulting in a +4 racial bonus on Intimidate checks.

Rage (Ex): At 2nd level, the half-orc comes to understand the natural ferocity that courses through his blood and gains the ability to fly into a screaming blood frenzy once per day. This is identical to a barbarian’s rage. If the half-orc has improved rage abilities (such as the barbarian class features of greater rage, tireless rage, indomitable will, or mighty rage), those improvements apply to the rage ability granted by the half-orc racial levels as well.

Ability Boost (Ex): At 3rd level, the half-orc increases his Strength score by 2. This is a permanent improvement (similar to the ability score increase gained at every fourth level).

Level Base Attack Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
1 +1 +2 +0 +0 Divided Ancestry; Monstrous Mien
2 +2 +3 +0 +0 Rage 1/day
3 +3 +3 +1 +1 Ability Boost (Str +2)
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