Towers Of High Wizardry

For reasons apparent to some and not to others, Towers of High Wizardry as an idea have become important.

Some questions for your pondering:

  • Across civilised continental Europe, how many ToHW would you expect to exist?
  • Should they specialise in part or whole to a School of Magic? For example, the ToHW at Rheims is recognised as the place for Conjuration, even though they are strong on Evocation and Divination too.
  • Should they specialise in a wizardly "portfolio" (similar in idea to cleric domains - war being a prominent one)?
  • Should they specialise in a particular magical Prestige Class? That is, there is one Tower per PrC, and that's the only place (in Europe) to learn how to be that PrC.
  • Should membership and/or entry be restricted? By level? By race ("I told you before! We're not letting the kender in!")? By socio-political circumstances ("You can't see the High Mage until you've paid your union fees! He will only accept appointments from fully-paid members!")?
  • Should usefulness to classes be restricted? Wizards win everywhere, but Warmages and Duskblades are only welcome at some.

The ball is rolling!

Idea 1

Location School Exclusive Prestige Classes
Mykines (Faroe) Abjuration
Neapolis (Italia) Conjuration Malconvoker
Dodonna (Greece) Divination
Alexandria (Egypt) Enchantment
Lapurdum1 (Gaul) Evocation
Near Zeurich Illusion
Lowland swamps2 Necromancy
Cordoba (Iberium) Transmutation

1: Modern Bayonne, at the foot of the Pyrenees.
2: near modern day Zwolle, Netherlands.

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