Rules of Roleplaying

Rules of Roleplaying

  1. Never split the party.
  2. Think carefully before testing what the button does.
  3. If DM's try to rail-road you into doing something, push harder the other way, you'll get there or die trying.
  4. The hardest thing you will ever have to do in a Roleplaying game is… Getting the rest of the players to listen to an idea

Rules of DnD RPGing

  1. Never use Dimension Door to avoid low-level trash mobs.
  2. Don't try to tank if you're a wizard.
  3. Don't bounce battleaxes off friends' heads.
  4. When introducing a new character, hold a knife to your own throat. It will save time.
  5. When introducing a new character, don't laugh when a knife is put to your throat, it make you seem evil.
  6. The correct order is: open door, fireball, close door, open door, charge.
  7. The correct order should be: Open door, everyone goes in, kill mobs, loot, leave.

Rules of SW RPGing

  1. When in doubt, use tentacles.
  2. If you are a Wookie be very careful using the words "I want to disarm him".
  3. When talking to a Wookie, speak Basic. Human mouths mispronounce Shyriiwook with painful results…
  4. "Let the Wookie win".
  5. If you think you shouldn't be doing it, then you probably shouldn't be doing it.

Rules of Cthulhu RPGing

  1. "Run" is a perfectly reasonable course of action.
  2. Crying in the corner of a room that Cthulu appears in may actually be the only possible course of action.

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