Dyfed Campaign Timeline

Essentially this is a summary of storyline elements that have occurred during game play. Feel free to flesh out details or add things I've missed.

22 Jan 1270FR (morning) Blow up empty goblin island
(afternoon) report to Athens authorities
(evening) Andrinora gets stabbed by Tenebrae
23 Jan Team travel to dwarven village - Dwarves order weapons
24 Jan Still in village
25 Jan Team travel back to Athens. Encounter Tenebrae. Blow him up.
New Party Member: Paul - Faye (incandescent champion)
26 Jan (Day) Team starts to sniff around the Forum. Meet with Thaddeus, Polyclites, Adicles, Clytemnestra, Meneclaus.
(Night) First fight with a vampire spawn
27 Jan (Day) Random investigations
(Night) Bigger fight with a real vampire
New Party Member: Snowy - Bricc (dwarven fighter / dwarven defender)
New Party Member: Snowy - Nevyn (ranger)
28 Jan (Day)
(Night) Vampire ambush / showdown - massive attacks
29 Jan (Morning) Gather forces ready to assault vampires
New Party Member: Macca - Chiron (centaur)
New Party Member: Wade - ??? (fighter)
New Party Member: Benji - Rhapsodos (human bard cohort)
New Party Member: Pete - Goro (human priest)
NPC: Astarte, leader of Athenian priestesses
(Afternoon) Find vampire cave
New Party Member: Sam - Theron (not Kieron) (human rogue?)
(Evening) Massive routings, priestess killings, and other tomfoolery
Dead Party Member: Chiron
Dead Party Member: Faye
Who else died here?
Finally kill some stuff that wasn't on our side
30 Jan Back in Athens - get rewards - big spendfest
New Party Member: Paul - Aster (tiefling)
31 Jan Something mysterious here - involving Brigga, Kane, Lennox (?!?), Lorica (?!?), Rhapsodos, and Goro.
Lost Party Member: Goro - Chasing vampires in Romania
Lost Party Member: Bricc - Chasing vampires in Romania
Lost Party Member: Nevyn - Chasing vampires in Romania
Four tiles - Life, Death, Honour, Success…
Find a clue or two about greek fire… scry a spy (the not so green goblin).
We sailed after him, was meant to be 1.5 days, part way thru that we teleported to his cabin
1 Feb 1270FR At Thessaloniki. Track (goblin? human?) to fortress.
Many a fine adventure in the fortress, including releasing prisoners
New Party Member: Nathan - Sheon (cleric)
New Party Member: Ben 2 - Bloodthorn (fighter)
New Party Member: Jesse - Antonius (rogue)
Who are Rogad, Morkroth? (definitely not Wade).
Blow up Fortress… inadvertently!
Astral time Lost in the Astral Plane
Find Rodruigez's shade
Rescue people from Galtor: Leigh Corran, Sheon, Xamd, Johen, Mellior, and Grest
New Party Member: Stoy - Leigh Corran (!)
New Party Member: Kristy - Ganainm (druid)
New Party Member: Cameron - Xamd (???)
Flop into "Treeworld"
Treeworld time In Treeworld - travel to mountains
Treeworld time+1 In Treeworld - fight… er… nothing of consequence
3 Mar 1270FR Return to Lyonesse. Disperse for two weeks for training, shopping, research, and other personal reasons
17 Mar Set out from Lyonesse for Scandinavia. Reach Southampton (Wessex)
18 Mar Reach Ramsgate (Caint)
19 Mar Reach Rotterdam
20 Mar Reach Wünseradel
21 Mar Reach Cuxhaven (Angeland)
22 Mar Reach Esbjerg (Saxony)
23 Mar Reach Hirtshafa (Jutland)
24 Mar Stuff during the day (?). Jesse communes with freaky old guy
25 Mar Gang set out and find fog and dragon-riders
26 Mar Ship sails for scandinavian shore. Drops off team. Team sleeps at foot of cliffs.
27 Mar Team moves inland. Camps on side of mountain.
28 Mar

Elthic goes West!
Brigga and Leigh go North!
Party "regroups" in Lyonesse (ok, sleeps alot) ||

29 Mar Make plans, have meetings
30 Mar Teleport to Hirtshafa; boat to Coast; Cloudy-walk into interior
31 Mar Cloudy-walk to Dun Thondagh; have "Dwarfmoot"


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