Battlebowl 1

Some were tempted by the promise of gold. Some were tantalised by the possibility of fame. Most were taken by surprise in the middle of the night…

Twelve of the land's most ardent adventurers have been dumped into the Tyrant's Arena. To the one left standing, a month living in the Vestal Pleasure Palace, and a handsome stipend. To those defeated, slavery.

Prepare thyselves…

Battlebowl Rules

Starting Abilities

Players start with the following array, which can be assigned to abilities as desired : 15 13 11 11 9 9.
Players may then add 5 points to these abilities.
No starting ability may exceed 18 at this stage (abilities will be modified later by racial traits and gained levels).


Players can choose from any of the following races:

Race Source ECL Size (Speed) Abilities Features
Human PHB p12 0 M (30'/20') - +1 feat; +1 skill pt/level;
Dwarf PHB p14 0 M (20'/20') +2 Con, -2 Cha Darkvision;
Martial weapons: Dwarven Waraxe, Dwarven Urgosh;
+4 vs bull rush, trip;
+2 saves vs poison, spells;
+1 att vs orcs, goblinoids;
+4 AC vs giants;
+2 checks vs Appraise, Craft (involving stone)
Elf PHB p15 0 M (30'/20') +2 Dex, -2 Con Immune to Sleep;
+2 saves vs enchantments;
Low-light vision;
Martial weapon proficiency (longsword, rapier, longbow, shortbow);
+2 checks vs Listen, Search, Spot;
Gnome PHB p16 0 S (20'/15') +2 Con, -2 Str Low-light vision;
Gnome Hooked Hammer is Martial;
+2 saves vs illusions;
+1 DC to illusions cast;
+1 att vs kobolds, goblinoids;
+4 AC vs giants;
+2 checks vs Listen, Craft (Alchemy);
Speak with animals 1/day;
Dancing lights, Ghost sound, Prestidigitation 1/day (if Cha is 10 or more);
Half-elf PHB p18 0 M (30'/20') - Low-light vision;
+1 checks vs Listen, Search, Spot;
+2 checks vs Diplomacy, Gather Information;
Elven Blood;
Half-orc PHB p18 0 M (30'/20') +2 Str, -2 Int, -2 Cha Darkvision;
Orc blood;
Halfling PHB p19 0 S (20'/15') +2 Dex, -2 Str +2 checks vs Climb, Jump, Move Silently, Listen;
+1 all saving throws;
+2 saves vs fear;
+1 att with thrown, slings;


Class Source HD Combat Fort Ref Will
Barbarian PHB p24 12 good average poor poor
Bard PHB p26 6 average poor average average
Cleric PHB p30 8 average average poor average
Druid PHB p33 8 average average poor average
Fighter PHB p37 10 good average poor poor
Monk PHB p39 8 average average average average
Paladin PHB p42 10 good average poor poor
Ranger PHB p46 8 good average average poor
Rogue PHB p49 6 average poor average poor
Sorcerer PHB p51 4 poor poor poor average
Wizard PHB p55 4 poor poor poor average

Hit Points

Base hit points are fixed, based on the HD of the classes chosen.

HD HP (Lv 1) HP (Lv 2) HP (Lv 3)
4 3 3 3
6 4 4 5
8 5 6 6
10 7 7 7
12 8 8 9

Constitution bonuses are added to these at each level.

Starting Equipment

All characters begin with a loincloth (and a bikini top, if female).
Divine casters have a Divine Focus (a holy symbol). Arcane spellcasters have an Arcane Focus (a mystic symbol). No other material components are required.

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