Arcane Flexibility

Arcane Flexibility


You are highly adaptable with your organisation of arcane powers.

Prerequisite: Requirement to memorise arcane spells from a spell book, Int 15.

Benefit: When memorising your arcane spells each day, you can choose to split a spell slot of a given level into two or more spell slots of lower levels. The sum of levels of the new spell slots must not exceed the level of the original slot (for the purposes of this calculation, 0 level spells count as "half-level"). For example, a wizard could choose to treat a 4th level spell slot as if it were a 3rd level slot and a 1st level slot, or four 1st level slots. Any spells memorised into these new spell slots are required to be of the appropriate level, and are treated like any other spells of that level. A spell caster can do this each day for as many spell slots as desired.

Normal: Spell casters may only memorise one spell of the corresponding or lower level into any given spell slot.

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