Powys is a sovereign nation in the Cymru region of Brython.

Region Details

Government: Hereditary Monarchy
Current Leader: {$ruler}
Population: Predominantly Human
Official Language: Brythonic
Official Religion: Brythonic Druidism
Capital City: Pengwern (Viroconium, Shrewsbury)
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c.418 - c.455 Wortigernos (Vortigern) ap Guortheneu. Vortigern High King of Post-Roman Britain in 425.
c.425 Vortigern's kingdom is divided between his sons into Powys, Builth & Gwerthrynion.
Vortimer (Gwerthefyr) Fendigaid First son. King of Gwerthefyriwg (Gwent).
c.435 - 447 Cadeyrn Fendigaid (the Blessed) 2nd son. King of Powys. Killed at Battle of Aylesford.
Pascent (Pasgen) ap Gwrtheyrn. Third son. Became King of Builth & Gwerthrynion.

441 Cadell Ddyrnllwg (Gleaming Hilt) Son of Cadeyrn. Ruled kingdom during Cadeyrn's battles.
c.441 During a time of largescale unrest in Britain, the Saxon foederati based around Britain rebel and pillage the country in the face of light British opposition. During this time, Irish raids on the west become heavier, and one Irish band captures Powys. Cadell is forced to go into hiding.

441? - 447 Banadl. Usurper Irish king. Killed when capital city burnt down.
447 - c.460 Cadell Ddyrnllwg. Restored by St Germanus.
c.490 St Cyngen Glodrydd (the Renowned) Son. Sometimes identified with Aurelius Caninus (Caer Gloui).
c.520 Pasgen ap Cyngen
c.530 Brochfael Ysgythrog (of the Tusks)
c.540 Morgan ap Pasgen
c.570 It seems likely that Powys loses its eastern territory by this time. There is later a commander at Caer Legion in 613 called Brochfeal, who has not been linked to a kingdom, and may have been either Mawn or Iago ap Brochfael, the brothers of Cynan Garwyn. Passing the main kingdom of Powys to his son, Cynan, it would be standard practice for Brochfael to divide the territory and give the eastern half, Pengwern, to a second son. Although there is no available evidence to support this theory, Pengwern does first become a separate kingdom in its own right around this time, and seems to retain the original Powysian capital of Caer Guricon (Wroxter).

c.570 - c.610 Cynan Garwyn ap Brochfael (White Shanks) Mentioned in 580.
c.610 - 613 Selyf Sarffgadau (Battle Serpent) Son. (Selim/Soloman.) Killed at Caer Legion by Æthelfrith.
613 Manwgan ap Selyfan Infant king. Usurped by Eiludd.
613 - 642? Eiludd (Elfan) Powys, King of Dogfeiling.
642? - ? Manwgan ap Selyfan, Restored.
c.655 Beli ap Eiludd. Probably not related to Eiludd, who was from a rival House.
? - c.660 Cynddylan
c.680 Gwylog ap Beli
Gwallawg ap Lleenawg?
c.710 - 773 Elisedd ap Gwylog

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