Gwynedd is a sovereign nation in the Cymru region of Brython.

Region Details

Government: Hereditary Monarchy
Current Leader: {$ruler}
Population: Predominantly Human
Official Language: Brythonic
Official Religion: Brythonic Druidism
Capital City: Degannwy
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Exports: {$exports}
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c.380s Constantine / Custennin Fawr (Great) King of North Wales. Son of Magnus Maximus.
c.390 - c.445 Cunedda Wledig King of North Wales. Votadini (Gododdin) Pict. m.Gwawl ferch Coel.
c.445 Although Gwynedd remains whole politically, the land within it is divided between Cunedda's surviving sons, who then operate as sub-kings to Einion Yrth. Ceredig ap Cunedda already rules in independent Ceredigion. A further sub-kingdom, Rhos, is added in c.480.
c.445 - c.470 Einion Yrth (the Impetuous) Son. Leaves Rhos to his youngest son, Owain Ddantgwyn.

  • c.445 Afloyg ap Cunedag King of Afflogion (see Rhos).
  • c.445 Dynod ap Cunedag King of Dunoding.
  • c.445 Edeyrn ap Cunedag King of Edeyrnion.
  • c.445 Rhwfon ap Cunedag King of Rhufoniog.
  • c.445 Osfael ap Cunedag King of Osmaeliog.
  • c.445 Dogfael ap Cunedag King of Dogfeiling.
  • c.445 Meirchion ap Typaun ap Cunedag King of Meirionydd.

c.470 - 517 Cadwallon Lawhir (Long Hand) (ap Einion Yrth) aka the Arthurian King Cradelmant of Northgalis.
517 - 549 Maelgwn Gwynedd (Maglocunus) Hir High King of Britain. Died of the widespread mid-century plague.
549 - 586 Rhun Hir (the Tall) Son. Fought two great battles against Alt Clut.
550-600 Rhun has to fight off an attempted invasive takeover by his brother-in-law, Prince Elidyr of Alt Clut. Elidyr thinks his claim is stronger because Rhun is illegitimate, but he fails to recognise Gwyneddian law which gives equal accession rights to both legitimate and illegitimate offspring. Elidyr is killed in battle on the Cadnant Brook in Gwynedd.
586 - 599 Beli ap Rhun
599 - 613 Iago ap Beli, Killed by Aethelfrith of Bernicia at Caer Legion.
613 - 625 Cadfan (Catamanus) ap Iago, High King.
625 - 634 Cadwallon ap Cadfan, High King. Allied to Penda of Mercia. Killed Edwin Bernicia & sons.
634 - 664 St Cadwaladr Fendigaid (the Blessed) High King.
664 Cadwaladr is probably killed by the great plague that hits the country. Swithelm of the East Saxons is also a victim.
664 - 684? Ifwr ap Cadwaladr
681 - 685 Ifwr is defeated by the West Seaxe and Dumnonian Somerset is fully occupied as a direct result of this defeat.
684? - 712 Idwal (Idwallon) Iwrch (the Roebuck) m.Afadda ferch Alain II, King of Brittany.

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