Europa Languages

This language list will be added to as the campaign "discovers" new regions of the world.


Human Languages
Anglic Germanic language of the Angles
Brythonic Celtic language of Brython
Gallic Celtic language of Armorica
Goidelic Celtic language of Eirann and Caledonia
Greek Language of the city-states of Hellas
Latin Language of Italia, and official language of the Roman Empire
Norse Germanic language of the Vikings
Pictic Language of the Picts of North Caledonia
Saxon Germanic language of the Saxons
Non-Human Languages
Catalan Language of the Tabaxi
Darfellan Language of the Darfellan
Furbolg Language of the Furbolg
Gnome Language of the Gnomes
Goblin Language of the Goblins, Hobgoblins and Bugbears
(Greek) Language of the Centaurs and Satyrs
Halfling Language of the Halflings
Khuzdul Language of the Shield Dwarves
Minotaur Language of the Minotaurs
Niflheim Language of the Fire Giants and Frost Giants
Orcar Language of the Orcs and Ogres
Quenya Eldara Language of the High Elves and Half-elves
Sslenith Language of the Lizardfolk
Taur-ahe Language of the Taurens
Tuilvilanuue Language of the Raptoran
Tuskarr Language of the Tuskarr
Extinct / Ancient Languages
Burgundian Original language of the people of central Gaul, prior to Romanization
Elymian Original language of the people of Sicily, prior to Romanization
Etruscan Language of the ancient Etruscan people of current-day Rome (Italia)
Minoan Language of the Minoan civilisation of Crete, prior to the Minotaur invasion
Thracian Original language of the Thracian people of Northern Hellas, who have since switched to Greek
Tartessian Original language of the people of central Iberium, prior to Romanization


Human Languages
Egyptian Language of the Egyptian Empire
Tamazight Language of the Berber nomads of North West Africa
Non-Human Languages
Gnoll Language of the Gnolls and Flinds
Hadozee Language of the Hadozee
Extinct / Ancient Languages
Ge'ez Language of the ancient kingdom of D'at (Eritria)
Meroitic Language of the ancient kingdom of Kush, prior to being absorbed by Egypt

Near East

Human Languages
Akkadian Language of Syria, Assyria and Armenia, now generally replaced by Aramaic. Still used by scholars and priests.
Arabian Language of the Arabian Emirates.
Aramaic Language of Syria, and one of the official languages of the Achaemenid Empire.
Elamite Language of the ancient Elamite kingdoms, and one of the official languages of the Achaemenid Empire.
Persian Language of Persia, and one of the official languages of the Achaemenid Empire.
Phoenician Language of the Canaan (Phoenician) city-states.
Extinct / Ancient Languages
Babylonian Language of ancient Babylon in Mesopotamia.
Sumerian Language of ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia.

Atlantic Ocean

Non-Human Languages
Locathah Language of the Locathah
Extinct / Ancient Languages
Atlantean Language of the ancient kingdom of Atlantis


Inner Planes Languages
Aquan Language of the water elementals
Auran Language of the air elementals
Ignan Language of the fire elementals
Terran Language of the earth elementals
Outer Planes Languages
Abyssal Language of the Demons of the Abyss
Celestial Language of the Celestials of the Seven Heavens
Infernal Language of the Devils of the Nine Hells
Quenya Seldaria Language of the Celestials of Arborea


Special Languages
Draconic Language of all Dragons, and of Arcane Magic
Druidic Secret language of the Druids
Sylvan Universal language of faerie folk and of the Seelie Court
Thieves' Cant Secret language of Thieves

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