Dyfed is a sovereign nation in the Cymru region of Brython.

Region Details

Government: Hereditary Monarchy
Current Leader: His Royal Highness, Regin ap Cadwgan, King of Dyfed
Population: Predominantly Human
Official Language: Brythonic
Official Religion: Brythonic Druidism
Capital City: Caerfyddin
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Colours/Symbols: Blue and Yellow




Before Roman occupation, Dyfed was the tribal territory of the Celtic Demetae. Rome established a civitatus in the area around 945FR, which bore the Romanised form of its name (Demetia). Its early centre was at Castell Dwyan. Its first Civitator1, Antonius, was charged with protecting the southern half of Wales in much the same way as Cunedda was to protect North Wales.

Irish raiders were causing the British widespread problems, and to combat this, the homeless Deisi tribe were settled from Eirann to Demetia by Magnus Maximus. Naturally, the Deisi resented Roman meddling, although they adopted their new homeland enthusiastically. Many of the Deisi leaders (for example, Aed Brosc and his son Triffyn Farfog) encouraged their family to be subversive to Roman rule.

When the last British king died without a male heir, the Deisi were on hand to fill the breach. Triffyn Farfog (“The Bearded”) was already an influential civic leader when he married Gwledyr, the heiress of Demetia. Although now the civitatus, he continued to secretly oppose Roman rule.

The independent kingdom of Dyfed was formed when Aricol mac Triffyn (who later became Protictoris) led an uprising against Roman rule in 1041FR. The uprising (and similar ones in other parts of Cymru) took advantage of the chaos caused when Carausius declared himself Imperator Britannia. Within ten years, Roman forces were soon pushed back as far as Gwent and northern Pengwern.

For over 200 years, Dyfed has enjoyed independent rule. The population, whether Demetae or Deisi, have prospered over this time. Dyfed has been involved in minor wars with its neighbours, and still suffers occasional raids from Goidels and Vikings.


Roman Civitators of Dyfed
945 - 963 Anwn Dynod (Antonius Donatus Gregorius) son of Magnus Maximus. Civitator of South Wales.
963 - 973 Ednyfed (Demetius) son of Anwn. Civitator of Demetia.
973 - 984 Clotri (Clotrius) son of Ednyfed. Civitator of Demetia. His only son Maelgwn died, leaving his daughter Gwledyr as heir.
985 - 1041 Triffyn (Triphun) mac Aed. Civitator of Demetia.
Kings of independent Dyfed
1041 – 1042 Triffyn (Triphun) mac Aed, Protictoris of Dyfed.
1042 – 1048 Aricol Lawhir (Long-Hand) mac Triffyn, Protictoris of Dyfed.
1048 – 1093 Vortepor mac Aricol, Protictoris of Dyfed.
1093 – 1123 Cyngar ap Gwrthefyr (Vortepor), King of Dyfed.
1123 – 1148 Petr (Pedr) ap Cyngar, King of Dyfed.
1148 – 1168 Arthur map Petr, King of Dyfed. Named after Arthur Pendragon (High King).
1168 – 1203 Nowy Hen (the Old), King of Dyfed.
1203 – 1225 Cloten ap Nowy, King of Dyfed & Brycheiniog.2
1225 – 1242 Caten ap Cloten, King of Dyfed & Brycheiniog.
1242 – 1263 Cadwgan Tredylig (ap Caten), King of Dyfed & Brycheiniog.
1263 – Regin (Rhain) ap Cadwgan, King of Dyfed. Brycheiniog passed to his brother, Aust ap Cadwgan.
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