Diary: Monday 25 September 1269

{S27} Enter Thieves Guild: Pendulum Axe Blades, Triple Pit, Crawlspace Pit

{S28} In Thieves Run: Mesh Trap, Button Trap, Balance Beam, Coordinated Searching, Good Ideas: 100 Brigga, 50 Hamish, 50 Obsidian, 50 Ragnor, 50 Rogin

{S29} In Thieves Run 2: Slope Trap, Rope Trap, Mirror Trap, Acid Tank, Crawl Space, Lever Trap, Target Room, Door Trap, Gas Cabinet, Good idea: Ollom

{S30} Battle Bowl: 19 rogues, release prisoners

{S31} Looting Thieves Guild: break code, get Stefan

Day Morning: Subtitle

Day Afternoon: Subtitle

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