Diary: Monday 18 September 1269

{S16} The party go down to the docks to question the Dockmaster again. On the way, Terjon appears on a horse, relating how Sargen and Byanna have been captured. They tie the Dockmaster to a chair. After a protracted torture session (in which Rhodry stabs him in the leg then heals the wound immediately; and crockery, a window and a desk are smashed), the Dockmaster reveals that Hersun is the local agent for Gurtag, and that a series of people are either willingly working for him, or are being blackmailed to spy for him. The party promises to protect him and his family. Joshua hurries back to the Church of Jupiter to retrieve his donkey and cart. Ollom goes down to the docks, questions Rhon the fisherman, then shoots him twice in the back with a crossbow. Rogin and Nevyn go to the Dusty Siren (the tavern next door), and bandy Hersun’s name around, causing a barroom brawl. Rhodry goes to the Cathedral of Don, and start bandying Hersun’s name around. A suspicious person leaves the cathedral, and Rhodry follows. He goes straight to Gloria Jean (one of the named spies), who then takes off herself. Rhodry accosts Gloria Jean, and is forced to hide in a shop from the city guards. A riot has developed on the docks. Joshua, Andrinora and Terjon escape with the family in the cart via the back alley. Nevyn and Rogin escape by rooftop. Ollom slips quickly away. Rhodry joins the milling throng, attacks one of the rioters, then dies in battle having dispatched up to 13 townspeople. The party retreats to the Church of Jupiter (passing info), and flee Llanelli at first light the next day.

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