Diary: Sunday 17 September 1269

{S15} The party wakes up in various locations around town. Andrinora, Nevyn and Rogin spot a “spy” waiting for them outside. They allow the spy to follow them to an alley, then jump him. He turns out to be a peasant being paid to spy on them by “the boss” (Hersun, one of Gurtag’s flunkies). They pay him gold to ensure he keeps his meeting with “the boss” at 7:00pm that evening. Other party members attempt assorted errands, and end up joining with each other. Many party members are still missing, and a trail of clues leads Rhodry and Joshua to the forest clearing where the previous night’s battle occurred. They find the signs of a fight, but there are no bodies – friend or foe. The remainder of the party go to the Cathedral of Don, and pay for a scry spell on Kayen. The cleric sees him sewn into a sack, in the hold of the ship. With a little extra concentration, the cleric determines that the ship is currently in town. The party belt down to the docks to see the ship pulling out. They hang around the docks for a few hours (by which time Rhodry and Joshua return), then dash off to the Church of Jupiter. They detail most of their adventures to date to the high priest there, and he confides that there are strange happening around town – mysterious disappearances and so forth. He also says that his “agent”, Aegon, has gone missing. The party belt back to the docks. Nevyn and Rhodry kill a crow, then go “skinny dipping” while looking for its body. Joshua notices a bundle on the dock, and discovers the dead body of “the spy”. Everyone goes back to the Church of Jupiter, swap info, and stay the night

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