Diary: Saturday 16 September 1269

{S14} The party buries Sandor, then continues to Llanelli. They arrive at dusk, and immediately go off in six different directions. Sephiroth and Joshua initially goes to the chapel of Jupiter and catches up on gossip from Rome. Forsythe and Ollom go to the Red Dragon Tavern and get drunk. Ruric goes to the Fighter’s Guild, and gets drunk. Mork, Gork and Kayen go to the Saucy Siren and get laid. Rhodry goes to the Cathedral of Don, is worded up on clerical matters, and is directed to the Church of Nuada in Abertawe. Rogin, Andrinora and Nevyn go to the Llanelli Fox and Hound, have a meal, and spot a suspicious-looking guy watching them. Tor mysteriously leaves town. Ruric is stabbed by a rogue with a poisoned knife while having a piss, and later dies. Mork, Gork, Sephiroth, and Kayen go out of town into the forest “looking for trouble”. They dispatch one set of goblins, but are attacked by a second set and are defeated. Forsythe follows, but is also defeated. (5 goblins, 2 wolves)

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