Diary: Wednesday 13 September 1269

{S12} Mork, Gork, Kayen and Sephiroth return to Redden with their carts of booty. The party argues about its next move. A number of interesting theories are proposed. The party split into three groups – one headed for Emyn Zhun, one for the Druid’s Grove, and one staying in Redden. The Emyn Zhun group are attacked by wolves, and note a larger black wolf in the distance. Forsythe is ripped off by “Slippery” Brynt Wentor in Emyn Zhun. The Druid’s Grove group speak to Mae, then are attacked by goblins summoned by a black crow. (5 goblins, 7 wolves)

{S13} Forsythe makes a new friend out of “Slippery” Brynt Wentor, and has to wait a day to pick up his new shield. Ollom, Ruric, Bryanna, Mork, and Gork “bum around” Emyn Zhun. Rogin, Nevyn, Kayen, Rhodry return to Redden. Andrinora and Sargen swap spells.

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Day Afternoon: Subtitle

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