Diary: Tuesday 12 September 1269

{S9} Party rests for a day, then proceeds up north tunnel. Find goblin outpost. (7 goblins)

{S10} Pressing on, party encounters more goblins. Members barely avoid disaster by discovering a crevasse in the dark. Vastly outnumbered, the party retreats. Five characters are unconscious. (6 goblins)

{S11} Party escapes the tunnels, and returns to Redden. Everyone rests for a day. Mork and Gork bop the paladin. Mork, Gork, Kayen and Sephiroth return to the tunnels to discover the few remaining goblins “moving house”. Mork takes a dive on his first combat, but rallies on his second with his bow.

Day Morning: Subtitle

Day Afternoon: Subtitle

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