Diary: Sunday 10 September 1269

{S6} They enter the tunnels and decide to split into three small parties at the crossroads. (11 goblins)

{S7} Party reconsiders its decision, and argues for a while. Zombies approach, pushing a cart of stone blocks. The party attacks, turning five. Pursuing the running zombies, the party discovers a "zombie making facility", which it summarily destroys. Rhodry does amazing gymnastics to slay one goblin. (2 goblins, 17 zombies)

{S8} Party dithers around, then chases goblin adept further south. Discovers stone mine and is attacked by zombies and the goblin. The party then rests as Nevyn, Ollom, Sephiroth and Rhodry check out the west tunnel. They fight goblins, but watch Gurtag get away on a ship. (11 goblins, 26 zombies)

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