Diary: Friday 8 September 1269

{S2} Party crawls back into Redden and raises the alarm. A town meeting is called. The party (with Forsythe) is asked to scout the goblins and bring back as much information as possible.

Back at Jebediah’s farm, they venture into the forest. Near the west edge of the forest, they encounter a second party sent to the area by the King. The city party shows the country party where the goblin fort is. Rogin summons a hawk to assist with scouting. Nevyn is sent back to Redden with the knowledge currently available.

{S3} Party discusses plans for frontal assault on the goblin fort. Some party members scout the area, discovering a goat track into the mountains behind the fort. The party decides to follow the tracks to approach the fort from above. They discretely drop into the fort and investigate four barracks, dispatching goblins as required. (14 goblins)

{S4} Wounded Sephiroth retreats to the mountain for a nap. Party assaults a kitchen and mess hall, but the alarm is raised. They beat a hasty (?) retreat, encountering goblins and hobgoblins, and barely escape the fort alive. (16 goblins, 5 hobgoblins)

{S5} Party makes their way through the mountains, evading capture. Are nearly cornered by converging goblins. Make a “last stand” at a pile of rocks. Defeat goblins. Witness the attack by the villagers, dwarves and druids on the fort from afar. Shoot one of three messenger crows leaving the fort. (28 goblins)

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