Diary: Thursday 7 September 1269

We have found the goblins! There's an entire fort being built here. It is set up against one of the mountains that make the Burry Cliffs, about two hours upstream from the beach.

There are well over fifty goblins here. I have no idea how they could beach a boat (or more than one) from an anchored ship and not leave a trace for us to spot. Are they all trained rangers? I seriously doubt it. However, they may be being organised under a skilled ranger… No, even that's not likely. How can one ranger obscure the passage of fifty or more goblins?

Anyway, it is no surprise Joshua found wood chips. The fort is 700 feet across at the front, and about as long. The outer wall is made of thick logs at least 18 feet high. Four towers can be seen poking up from inside. We can't get too close - a substantial amount of forest has been cleared around the fort, I assume both for materials and to make a concealed approach difficult.

This is a major undertaking - especially for goblins. How can they have built this without anyone noticing? Where did they come from? What are they doing here? I must find a way to get a report back to Rowse.

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