Diary: Tuesday 5 September 1269

Yesterday, we saw miles of beach dotted with inlets, streams and small bays. Today we saw miles of beach dotted with streams, small bays and inlets. Or was it small bays, inlets and streams? Anyway…

There continues to be no sign of any humanoid life, goblin or otherwise. We are camping the night next to a small stream, and are now quite close to the Burry Cliffs. We agreed that there was little point for the whole group to walk to the Cliffs and back tomorrow, so Kayen, Terjon, Sandor and I will go on, and the others will camp here for a "rest day".

This part of the coast is coming up a bust. The coast to the east of Llanelli is more heavily populated – the chances that the goblins landed there are slim. Our next best bet is on the north coast of the Gower peninsula. Should we sail straight over there, or make our way around as we originally planned?

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