Diary: Monday 4 September 1269

The walk has already become routine. Miles and miles of beach, occasionally dotted with inlets, streams and small bays. There has been no sign of any humanoid life here in a long time.

We again made camp an hour before dusk. Kayen and Sandor disappeared into the forest for about two hours, and came back with a small deer. Of course, skinning and cooking fresh meat would be a bit of a pain after dark, but luckily light was one of the spells I perfected before graduation. I never realised how delicious fresh venison was! I will be going to bed tonight with a very happy tummy!

After dinner, Sandor sang a number of songs. Several of them were based on the history and legends surrounding King Arthur. He spent much of his spare time gathering lore about this period of Brython's history, and has travelled to many of the important sites himself. In our current circumstances, not particularly useful, but definitely a pleasant distraction.

Loves's Long Wait

She stood there alone and silent
As he took up his rust-flecked sword.
She watched him from the roadside
As he rode to meet the horde.

The Brython king did call them,
From field and town and dell.
Brython men did follow
To stop the Saxon swell.

How long did she stand there,
Awaiting her heart's ardour?
She stood on the roadside for
The return of her young paramour.

On Baden's Hill the armies met,
And clashed throughout the day.
By sunset Brythons claimed victory,
And Saxons fled the fray.

At the very moment of triumph,
At the completion of his quest,
A fickle wind, a malign gust
Sent an arrow into his chest.

If ye stand now on the roadside
A hundred years 'ere that day
You can hear the wind still carries
Her sighs to her love far away.

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