Diary: Sunday 3 September 1269

Crack of dawn, and we were… waiting for the priest and paladin to finish their morning prayers. "Sunrise every Sunday", they reminded me. Hmmm. Oh well - it's a chance for me to study my day's spells.

For the first hour or so of our journey we were mostly travelling past farmland. Thereafter, settlements became more sparse, and the forest began to grow down to the sea shore. This is where the going began to slow down – we started doing a more careful search along the beach and the near forest for signs of anything unusual. The good news was that local human footprints ceased very soon after the last farmstead, and even I could tell the difference between a seagull and a fox in the soft sand.

Description of Jupiter's Church in Brython.

We made camp an hour before dusk. Kayen snared a few rabbits to supplement our rations, and we were gently lulled to sleep by Sandor's soft singing.

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