Diary: Saturday 2 September 1269

We left Caerfyrddin a quarter hour past the tenth bell on a small galley. One advantage was that, as it was for the west side of the city, the travel time was much shorter. Another was that we used the voyage itself to do a preliminary scan of the coast.

The Gwendraeth estuary, immediately south-east of the city, is simply too close to be used as a secret rendezvous for goblins - someone is nearly guaranteed to spot them. The Burry Cliffs are even less likely - sheer cliff faces drop directly into boulder-strewn water. There is no safe place along here for a dinghy to put-to, let alone a ship.

Between the cliffs and Llanelli, however, there are numerous gentle beaches, secluded coves, and minor bays for a ship to anchor. In many places, the forest grows nearly to the shore itself. This is definitely a place a small contingent of goblins could put ashore without being seen.

We arrived at Llanelli a little before sunset. I booked the group into a small inn on the outskirts of town, and bought a few last-minute supplies.

Llanelli seems a pretty place… I must come back here and give the town a proper look.

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