Diary: Thursday 31 August 1269

Oh me of little faith! Teke showed me his fishing spot last night – it turned out to be Dewi's Head, the large rock that marks the end of Môr Hafren and the start of the sea proper. And what should we see a mere hour after full darkness? A black ship running west along the coast. We nearly missed it, because we didn't set out from Teke’s shack until dusk.

Ok, a black ship (black body, black sails, no running lights) is good – one tick to Teke. The clincher was when I clearly heard "Hoketz gratta! Hoketz gratta! Tha lotz-na vak zolno!". This translates roughly into "Shorten sail! Shorten sail! We don’t go south yet!", and is definitely Goblin. Gold star, Teke!

Goblins in Brython! I couldn't wait to get back to Caerfyrddin, but Michel the owner of my hired boat wouldn't risk travelling at night. We slept briefly at Teke's, and set sail at daybreak. Six hours later, I made my report to Rowse.

I met him again later in the afternoon, and he gave me the go-ahead to investigate this issue further. The ship must have made land somewhere to the east of Caerfyrddin, possibly near Llanelli, or on the north shore of the Gower Peninsula. They are the only reasonable locations if Dewi's Head was being used as a navigational marker. My task is to try to find where they landed and what they are doing.

However, this time I am not to travel alone. I have been given funds to put together a group of mercenaries so that I've got skills and back-up with me. I'll visit some taverns later tonight, and recruit in earnest tomorrow.

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