Diary: Wednesday 30 August 1269

This morning, Rowse gave me my first assignment. There's an old fisherman down in Dinbych-y-Pisgod who's convinced that the Kingdom is being invaded by goblins! He claims he saw a warship with goblins on it sailing east along the coast. I'm to go check it out.

Of course, the idea is crazy. Goblins were driven from Briton before the Roman conquest. The nearest outpost of goblins is… well… I'm not sure where the nearest outpost of goblins is!

Anyway, I chartered a boat this afternoon and sailed down the coast. It seems strange to sail, but due to the rivers and inlets south-west of the city, travelling by horse would take two to three days to get to the same location it takes a few hours by boat. Anyway, I made my way to Dinbych-y-Pisgod, and found the old fisherman (Alden Teke) living in a shack on the beach just out of town.

He claims he was fishing off a rock further to the south late on Sunday night last week. Close to midnight he heard the creak of wooden boards and the flap of sails. He couldn't see the ship at first, but he soon made out a black silhouette against the starry sky. Teke admits that his first impression was pirates, until he heard the word "guratz" (the goblin word for "careful") quite clearly across the water. Other words were harder to hear, but he feels they definitely had a goblin slur.

Teke claims that when he was younger, he travelled through Europa, and has had a number of (unpleasant) experiences with goblins. He seems quite genuine, regardless of the unlikely nature of his story. He promised to take me to the spot he saw the ship tonight.

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