Diary: Tuesday 29 August 1269

I was surprised to find that of the five candidates, only Brent Ashleigh returned this morning. Rowse briefly explained that the other three candidates were found to be "unsatisfactory", and that they would not be proceeding. He also filled us in a bit more on the job itself. Rowse has been put in charge of forming a kind of "operations bureau" which collects information about situations that may affect the Kingdom, and then acts on it, as appropriate. It is to work independently of the Army, Navy and civil authorities, and is supposed to remain "low key". At times we may act as spies, at others, diplomats. However, no matter the specifics of the role we may find ourselves, we were to put the welfare of Dyfed first. The organisation's values, scope and operational guidelines are summed up simply by the three words "Devotion (to king and country), Determination (to get the job done), Discretion".

Rowse explained that there were three other operatives already in action, and that we two were going to bring the total staff of the organisation to five. All operatives were to answer directly to Rowse, and that Rowse was answerable directly to the King. This was an extremely important point, according to Rowse, because the King's Parliament itself was not to know of our existence.

At about this point, there was a knock on the door. Rowse opened the door a crack, and asked as to the visitor's business. The whispered response was "Devotion, Determination, Discretion", and a cloaked and hooded figure was let in. Rowse asked the two of us as to whether we were prepared to take on this responsibility. We both of course answered "yes". Rowse asked us to kneel, at which point the visitor threw back his hood. The king himself, Rhain ap Cadwgan, stood there ready to accept our vow!

I must admit, the actual vow itself was a bit of a blur.

The next thing I remember clearly was that the king said something about "getting back before he is missed", pulling his hood up and hurrying from the room. Rowse said that that was all for now. Brent was to return at sunset, whereas I was to come at ninth bell tomorrow.

Rhain's a complete honey. And single! And a king! Did I mention he was single? Purrrrrr.

I really need to find a secrecy charm for this diary…

Rhain ap Cadwgan
King of Dyfed
Human male LG
Ftr 7, Aristo 7 HP 115
Str 15 Dex 14 Con 14
Int 15 Wis 16 Cha 17
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