Diary: Saturday 26 August 1269

I thought it was a good idea to check out the Bickering Bishops in advance - and since I was looking for a new home, the visit served two purposes in one. Staghorn Road is in one of the city’s "better" areas - and the Bickering Bishops was no exception. Scrupulously clean, good service, a nice variety of quality meals, and a dazzling array of wines, meads, and ales from all over Britain. Even the smallest room was 8s per day - way over my budget.

I enquired about rooms, got given a brief tour, and thereafter had lunch there. This gave me plenty of time to spot any clues about the job offer. The clientele were wealthy businesspeople, middle-ranking officers from both the Army and Navy, and a few bureaucrats and politicians. Unfortunately, I saw nothing out of the ordinary… other than the single occasion when I first walked in when the bartender gave me the most curious look - as if he was surprised to see me. However, the look was fleeting, and he never betrayed any further unusual word or deed for the rest of my visit.

Later in the afternoon, I found a room a bit closer to my budget. Ten coppers a week buys me a room at the Unicorn And Castle. The biggest selling points are that there are no fleas in the bed and no rats in the wardrobe. Their meals are simple yet filling, and the landlady, Tala Dennex, offered me casual work as a barmaid during busy times.

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