Diary: Friday 25 August 1269

Last day of my apprenticeship, and what a day! A huge send-off for those graduating (six this term). First came the speeches and formal presentation of spellbooks. Then came the music, dancing, a cake created by Madame Jeraldine, and a most excellent illusion show by Maester Robb.

A minor mystery! There was a strange man talking to Maester Anders during the party. The Maester looked in my direction once or twice during the conversation, and the stranger left. As the party was winding up, Maester Anders passed me a sealed envelope (and without a word of explanation!).

Congratulations on your recent graduation. This is an exciting time for a young mage, but also one that takes some serious consideration. You will soon need to consider a future career, and where you hope that career might take you.

I have recently been given the task of establishing a new department of the King's Government. I am seeking enthusiastic and dedicated people to fulfil a variety of roles. If you are keen to serve your country, enjoy travel, and are prepared to meet a variety of challenges, please attend an aptitude test at the Bickering Bishops tavern on Staghorn Road at the ninth bell on Monday.

Yours most sincerely, Eddard Rowse

I've been a fully-fledged wizard for an hour, and I’m already being offered a job!

Anyway, we have Saturday to sort out our living arrangements, and we must leave by ninth bell on Sunday morning. I've been living and studying here for six years - I'm going to miss the old school, but the prospect of entering the "big, wide world" really is, as the note said, exciting.

Andrinora ferch Cwln
Agent of Dyfed
Human female NG
Wizard 1 HP 6
Str 6 Dex 15 Con 14
Int 18 Wis 12 Cha 17
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