Vandria Gilmadrith

Vandria Gilmadrith

Intermediate goddess
Pantheon: Elf Pantheon
Home Plane:
Portfolio: War, guardianship, justice, grief, vigilance, decision
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Cleric Alignments: Vandria does not accept evil clerics. Her clerics can be neutral, lawful neutral, lawful good, or neutral good.
Domains: Law, Protection, War
Holy Symbols:
Favoured Weapons: Longbow


Clerics of Vandria Gilmadrith begin their training by serving in the watch, sitting with elders while they hear disputes, learning about the traditional enemies of the elves, and serving as singers at funerals. As they advance, they may lead watch patrols, serve as seconds for aggrieved parties bringing cases before the elders, help to shore up a community's defenses, and assist the master of arms in training young elves with weaponry. When war threatens, clerics of Vandria help the ruler form alliances and plan strategy. They also instruct elf warriors in close combat techniques. As they are prone to telling warriors who tend toward too much independence on the battlefield, "A wave of arrows is better than a lot of single bowshots." After a battle, clerics of Vandria retrieve the dead from the battlefield.


Temples to Steelheart are usually hidden fortresses whose locations are known only to her worshipers and clergy. Situated in defensible caves, beneath huge trees, or in hidden vales, Vandria's temples are stocked with weapons and supplies so that they can double as last retreats for the entire community. A few of her shrines are little more than simple tree houses situated at key vantage points so that her clerics can spot trouble on the horizon.


Because Vandria prefers defense to offense, prayers to her often take the form of promises to defend others. "Let not my arm falter," goes one common prayer, "lest the lives in my care be forfeit." A prayer for aid in judgment or help in making a decision might be expressed as "Let my eyes see clearly and my heart be as steel."


Vandria's clerics bless alliances and seal contracts. They also bless troops going into battle and lead memorial services for those whose bodies could not be retrieved from the battlefield.


Vandria's quests often require adventurers to visit rulers of other lands on diplomatic missions, to hunt down lawbreakers, retrieve stolen property, or to gather information critical to preventing or winning a war.


Herald: A celestial elf 10th-level fighter/10th level wildrunner serves as Vandria's herald on the Material Plane.
Allies: Vandria's allies are formian taskmasters, formian myrmarchs, and hound archon heroes.

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