Intermediate god
Pantheon: Pharaonic Pantheon
Home Plane: The Offering Fields
Portfolio: Knowledge, wisdom, learning
Alignment: Neutral
Worshippers: Scholars, sages, wizards, sorcerers, bards
Cleric Alignments: NG, LN, N, CN, NE
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Rune
Holy Symbols: Ibis
Favoured Weapons: Quarterstaff

The mysterious deity Thoth appears as a slender human with the head of an ibis. He is the inventor of writing and arithmetic, and the god of scribes, sages, libraries, and knowledge in general. Thoth is not related, even by marriage, to any other deity in the Pharaonic pantheon, and his origins are not clear. Some legends say that he was present at creation, recording the events of Re’s birth as they occurred. Others say he is a son of Re, brother of Shu and Tefnut.


As a part of the Pharaonic pantheon, Thoth is simply the god of knowledge - patron of scribes and other educated people. In his mystery cult, he takes on a more important role, but his ordinary followers view life as a quest for knowledge and for mastery of an ever-increasing body
of information about the world. Followers of Thoth collect knowledge for knowledge’s sake, striving to better themselves through learning. Some hope to better the world as well, while others hope to gain the means to impose their will on the world through their knowledge. For Thoth himself, knowledge is all that matters.


Clerics of Thoth are scribes, historians, sages, mathematicians, and messengers. They collect and protect knowledge, building libraries and universities to preserve and pass on their knowledge. They follow the traditional fashion of Pharaonic clerics, including white robes and shaved heads for male clerics. Most of Thoth’s clerics are male.


Thoth’s temples often contain or adjoin libraries or other places of learning. In contrast to Anubis’s cemetery temples, the knowledge held in Thoth’s temples is available to all.

The Mysteries Of Thrice-Greatest Thoth

In addition to his “orthodox” role within the Pharaonic pantheon, Thoth is also the central figure in an esoteric mystery cult known as the Mysteries of Thrice-Greatest Thoth. In the central myth of this mystery cult, Thoth experiences a revelation of the hidden truths of the universe. Unfortunately, these truths are not the sort that can be communicated. Each believer must experience that revelation individually.

Knowledge, say the followers of Thoth, is the key to the universe, unlocking all the blessings of divinity for those who pursue it. While the knowledge of facts and information is important, however, the teachings of the Mysteries speak about a different kind of knowledge, a deep understanding and an intimate familiarity with the darkest secrets of the universe. This esoteric knowledge actually leads to a transformation of the knower, making him or her more akin to that which is known - in other words, more divine.

Initiates of the Mysteries of Thrice-Greatest Thoth employ a variety of methods to pursue this esoteric knowledge. Ritual and contemplative prayer are important components, as well as alchemy and magical experimentation. Many wizards are initiates of the Mysteries, particularly those who focus on the schools of Transmutation and Evocation.

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