Intermediate god
Pantheon: Dwarf Pantheon
Home Plane:
Portfolio: Magic, darkness
Alignment: Neutral
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Earth, Luck, Magic
Holy Symbols:
Favoured Weapons: Heavy pick

Thautam's clerics believe that the spark of magic lies within all things, and they work tirelessly to draw forth the magic in everything from the walls of a dwarven citadel to the axes wielded by its guards. The dwarves dedicate many magic weapons and armor to Thautam. In dwarven folklore, Thautam acts as a kindly uncle to Moradin, content to putter away in his workshop and mutter advice to the Soul Forger. Artistic renderings of Thautam show him as an elderly dwarf with rheumy, blind eyes.


Becoming a cleric of Thautam means learning how to make magic items, especially weapons and armor. Thautam's followers are usually accomplished artisans or smiths, and most know one or more item creation feats.


Thautam's temples are small - for his clergy isn't as numerous as Moradin's or Mya's - but they always show an obviously magical hand in their creation. Some float in the center of a cavern, while others feature spires and buttresses more fanciful and gravity-defying than those favored by dwarf stonemasons.


Because Thautam is a blind deity, prayers to him use unusually descriptive language. "Bless this sword, with its ruby pommel and silversharp edge …" begins one well-known prayer.


Thautam's clerics bless weapons and armor prior to a battle, and they also bless mines and other construction projects.


Thautam is obsessed with recovering as many artifacts as possible from long-lost dwarf civilizations. He also has a special interest in protecting the dwarves' adamantine and mithral mines.


Herald: Thautam's herald is an elder earth elemental with 24 Hit Dice.
Allies: Thautam's allies are Medium, Large, and Huge earth elementals.

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