Pantheon: Dwarf Pantheon
Home Plane:
Portfolio: The forge, fire, warfare
Alignment: Neutral
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Destruction, Fire, War
Holy Symbols:
Favoured Weapons: Warhammer

The Tender of the Forge, as Tharmekhûl is also known, is Moradin's assistant. He is the deity of furnaces and fire. Usually smiths and other dwarves who revere the creative power of the forge worship him. However, fire has a destructive side, so Tharmekhûl is also revered as a minor war deity, primarily concerned with siege engines and other weapons. He is depicted in religious art as an azer or as a bronze-skinned dwarf with hair and beard made of black smoke.


Clerics of Tharmekhûl are few and far between. Most commonly, a dwarf community has one cleric and one apprentice, who takes that cleric's place upon his death, adopting a new apprentice at that time.


Tharmekhûl does not have temples of his own. His clerics offer prayers as they tend the forge that lies in the heart of each of Moradin's temples.


Fire imagery of all sorts fills the liturgy of Tharmekhûl's worship. Fire is a purifier, and it also represents the external dangers that temper the dwarf race. A daily prayer begins with the words "Forge and furnace, melt me and mold me…"


The rites honoring Tharmekhûl all involve the tending of an actual forge: preparing it for use and stoking and damping its flames.


Tharmekhûl's interests are narrow. His clerics might carry flame from the Elemental Plane of Fire to kindle a new forge, or they might delve deep into ancient ruins to discover a lost forge and retrieve the seal of the smith who worked it.


Herald: Tharmekhûl's herald is an azer 10th-level fighter/5th-level cleric.
Allies: His allies are fire elementals and azers.

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