St. Cuthbert

Source: Player's Handbook, p108; Complete Divine, p117; Deities And Demigods, p91.

Intermediate god
Pantheon: Greyhawk
Titles: St Cuthbert of the Cudgel
Home Plane: Arcadia
Portfolio: Retribution, common sense, wisdom, zeal, honesty, truth, discipline
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Worshippers: Fighters, monks, judges, constables
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN
Domains: Destruction, Domination, Law, Protection, Strength
Holy Symbols: Ruby-studded starburst
Favoured Weapons: Heavy mace

The deity of retribution, St. Cuthbert, takes many forms. He often masquerades as a common yokel or whitehaired, mustached man in plate mail. He usually carries his famous mace.

St. Cuthbert exacts revenge and just punishment on those who transgress the law. Because evil creatures more commonly and flagrantly violate laws than good creatures do, St. Cuthbert favors good over evil, though he is not good himself. He may have once been a mortal man (as his worshipers claim), but if so it was long ago and from an unknown branch of humanity.


The words of St. Cuthbert are wise, practical, and sensible. Among his followers, the Word of the Cudgel is law, and his followers take pains to spread the word so that may all may benefit from St. Cuthbert’s wisdom. Weakness in faith and acting against the Saint’s teachings are intolerable, especially in believers. St. Cuthbert exhorts his followers to make increasing efforts to bring unbelievers into the fold. Honesty, truthfulness, practicality, and reasonability are the highest virtues, says St. Cuthbert.


Clerics of the Cudgel are stern folk who speak their minds plainly. They do not suffer fools and disapprove of those who backslide in faith. They train in the arts of war and keep themselves physically fit. Many serve as constables, detectives, judges, and bounty hunters.

St. Cuthbert teaches new clerics with specially recruited mentors that have drill-sergeant attitudes and stern demeanors. Day and night his acolytes pray, train, and fight, until they can recite entire books of St. Cuthbert's scripture from memory.


Solid, imposing buildings are favored by the architects of St. Cuthbert's temples. Their entrances or facades invariably feature engraved quotations such as "Chaos and evil prevail where good folk do nothing" or "Obstinacy brings lumps to the heads of the unfaithful." The clergy there offer healing and protective magic, but they're careful to make sure that those they help are worthy of St. Cuthbert's favor.


St. Cuthbert's religious teachings are passed on in the form of commandments, all of which begin "Thou shalt" or "Thou shalt not." In general, clerics of St. Cuthbert are more likely than most to pepper their speech with "thee," "thine," and other archaic pronouns.


All of St. Cuthbert's ceremonies include a brief but fiery sermon from a member of the clergy, who exhorts the listeners to turn from their chaotic ways and adhere more closely to the laws of St. Cuthbert.


Like Heironeous, St. Cuthbert urges his followers to undertake quests that uphold the chivalric ideal. But more of the Cudgel's quests involve righting a wrong or avenging a fallen hero. Tracking down the bandits that stole the viscount's tax collections, imprisoning the blackguard who slew Sir Cyrrus the Bold, and liberating a province conquered by demon armies are all crusades that a follower of St. Cuthbert would lend his sword to.


Avatars: St. Cuthbert’s avatars vary in appearance, just as he does. He sends them to monitor the faithful or to reveal untruths.

Herald: The hound archon hero is St. Cuthbert's herald.

Allies: Allies are hound archons, half-celestial paladins, and planetars.

Relics And Artifacts

Relics: Cudgel that never forgets, tabard of the great crusade.

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