Lesser god
Pantheon: Dwarf Pantheon
Home Plane:
Portfolio: Greed, intrigue, lies, earth
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Destruction, Earth, Evil, Trickery
Holy Symbols:
Favoured Weapons: Dagger

Roknar the Tempter claims to be Moradin's brother. Moradin's clerics say that he's not truly a dwarf at all, but an ancient evil that took dwarf form shortly after the All-Father created the dwarves. Roknar urges his followers to delve deep into the earth and takes its treasures for themselves. "Power and wealth is all that matters," teaches Roknar, "and only the weak forego the chance to grab more for themselves."


Roknar's clerics attract new fol lowers by tempting them with promises of riches and power. In particular, they tend to prey on clans and families that have been the victim of real or perceived injustices.


Roknar's hidden temples are opulent to the extreme, so few followers doubt Roknar's ability to deliver on the promise of wealth. Mounds of stolen treasure are carelessly scattered across the floor - driving home the point that Roknar has more wealth and power than he can use.


Many of Roknar's prayers reference the aspiration of the follower. "I'll have enough wealth to fill the coffer room/And my rivals' bones will molder in the cave of doom," says one battle prayer.


Roknar's rites are few - mostly curses against rivals and pleas for successful subterfuge. Many rites are performed with all the participants cloaked and hooded, so most worshipers don't know the identity of their fellow followers.


If it promises vast wealth, Roknar's followers will quest for it. Roknar is particularly fond of raiding the treasure troves of powerful dragons - and the treasuries of Moradin's temples.


Herald: Roknar's herald is a fiendish dwarf 10th-level rogue/10th-level blackguard.
Allies: Roknar's allies are shadow mastiffs, hezrou demons, and nalfeshnee demons.

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