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Lesser god
Pantheon: Olympian Pantheon
Home Plane: Material Plane
Portfolio: Nature, passion, shepherds, mountains
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Worshippers: Fey, satyrs, centaurs, nymphs, shepherds
Cleric Alignments: CE, CG, CN
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Plant
Holy Symbols: Syrinx (pan pipes)
Favoured Weapons: Unarmed strike

The wild god of nature, Pan appears as a tall satyr with small horns and shaggy, goatlike legs. He always carries a syrinx, which he often plays while leading sylvan creatures in wild dances. Pan is the son of Hermes and a dryad. He is like a nephew to Dionysus, who recognizes a kindred spirit of wild abandon.


Like Dionysus, Pan teaches no dogma, but shows mortals and feys a way of life by his example. He is a carefree soul, prancing through the high mountains, tending sheep, playing his pipes, singing, and dancing. His only creed is freedom.


Pan’s clerics are country shepherds or sylvan creatures such as centaurs, satyrs, or nymphs. They worship their joyful god in mountain glens and forest glades. They act as protectors of nature, working independently from each other and keeping far from civilization. They wear laurel wreaths on their heads and olive-colored tunics.


Avatars: Pan’s avatars are often found frolicking with nymphs and satyrs in secluded woodlands. They appear as large satyrs, much like the deity himself.

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