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Greater goddess
Pantheon: Pharaonic Pantheon
Home Plane: The Offering Fields
Portfolio: Fertility, magic, marriage
Alignment: Neutral Good
Worshippers: Wizards and sorcerers, wives and mothers, druids, and bards
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, CG
Domains: Good, Magic, Protection, Water
Holy Symbols: Ankh and star
Favoured Weapons: Quarterstaff

The wife of Osiris and mother of Re-Horakhty, Isis is the most powerful female deity of the Pharaonic pantheon. She is a god of magic and fertility, a patron of marriage, and (with Hathor) a god of motherhood. Her dominion over water represents the ancient rivers that are the source of fertility and life. She appears as a dark-skinned human woman with green eyes, wearing a white pleated linen gown and many items of jewelry. Isis is the daughter of the ancient earth-god Geb and the god of the starry sky, Nut.


In her purest essence, Isis represents the power of love to overcome death. When Set killed her husband Osiris, Isis searched the land to find his body and labored to restore him to life. The strength of her love combined with her power to conquer death make her possibly the most popular of the Pharaonic deities. She is an approachable deity, for she loves her worshipers as much as she loves her husband, and she offers them the same gift she gave Osiris: everlasting life in the peaceful bliss of the Offering Fields.

For all her popularity, Isis has a more esoteric side in her role as deity of magic. Though wizards and sorcerers revere her, she also receives veneration in the form of countless charms with minor magical powers created in her name, making even her mysteries accessible to the masses of her followers.

Naturally, Isis is a great enemy of her husband’s murderer and encourages her followers to oppose Set and his minions in the world.


Isis’s priests are often multiclass cleric/wizards or cleric/sorcerers, though many of her followers prefer to master the spells of one class or the other. Like most Pharaonic clergy, her clerics wear white robes and, if they are male, shave their heads. Most of her clerics are female, however.


Isis’s temples are found everywhere the Pharaonic pantheon is revered. She often shares a single, grand temple with Osiris and Re-Horakhty, though each deity has a separate inner court within the temple. Many clerics serve all three deities.

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