Intermediate goddess
Pantheon: Olympian Pantheon
Titles: Goddess of the Dark of the Moon, Goddess of the Crossways, Dread Goddess of Night
Home Plane: Olympus
Portfolio: Moon, magic, abundance, undead
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Worshippers: Wizards, sorcerers, assassins, hunters, rogues
Cleric Alignments: CE, LE, NE
Domains: Creation, Evil, Knowledge, Magic
Holy Symbols: Setting moon
Favoured Weapons: Dagger

Deity of the moon, magic, and plenty, Hecate is both feared and revered. Her true form is that of a woman with three heads. However, she can appear in any form she likes, and she most often appears as a beautiful woman with lustrous, dark hair. She is known as the provider of food, riches, and other desirable things, and as a defender of children. She also is an independent and capricious deity who wanders the night with a pack of hell hounds, which she sets on anyone she finds traveling about.


Hecate is the patron of those who work dark magic and those who would work magic for gain. She promotes the use of spells and magic items, and tells her followers that magic is the key that unlocks wealth, power, and all desirable things. She preaches the joys of abundance, but warns against the folly of waste. Any good reaper or hunter, she says, leaves a few seeds and a few fauns for next year.


Hecate has few clerics, and most of those are cleric/wizards or cleric/sorcerers. They prefer blue-white garb (the color of moonlight). Her clerics usually work in solitude, performing magical research, making items, and searching out legendary treasures. They form cells of cultists to pursue their schemes on a larger scale.


Temples to Hecate serve as bases and sanctuaries for her clerics. They are always well hidden, often located in depths of dark, haunted forests and guarded by undead.


Avatars: Hecate’s avatars resemble her preferred form, that of a beautiful woman with dark hair. She sends her avatars to wander the night, and occasionally she tells them to protect shepherds, herders, or children, as the whim strikes her. Hell hounds often accompany her avatars just as they accompany her.

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