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Lesser goddess
Pantheon: Pharaonic Pantheon
Home Plane: The Offering Fields
Portfolio: Love, music, dance, moon, fate, motherhood
Alignment: Neutral Good
Worshippers: Artists, musicians, mothers, lovers
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, CG
Domains: Community, Good, Luck
Holy Symbols: Horned cow’s head with a lunar disk
Favoured Weapons: Longsword

The benevolent deity Hathor appears either as a human woman with the head of a cow, as a human woman with cow’s ears or horns, or simply as a large cow. She is a deity of music and dance, art and inspiration. Her broad portfolio also includes influence over love and motherhood, the moon, and fate. Hathor is one of the daughters of Re-Horakhty and is married to Bes.


Hathor’s essential teaching commands people to savor life and all the good aspects of it - beauty, art, music, love, and family. Hathor’s clerics teach that these things are divine gifts, meant to be enjoyed and protected. There is no evil in enjoying these simple blessings; it is evil to deny them to another or to destroy them.


Hathor’s clerics wear the white robes common to most Pharaonic clergy and shave their heads if they are male. Her clerics are often artists, proficient in the visual arts, dance, or music, or sometimes all three. They lead dancing rituals in Hathor’s honor, create artwork to adorn her temples, seek to inspire others, and interpret dreams (which they believe are Hathor’s inspiration). Hathor’s clerics are as often male as female.


Hathor’s temples are widespread in the lands where the Pharaonic deities are revered.

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