Elebrin Liothiel

Elebrin Liothiel

Intermediate god
Pantheon: Elf Pantheon
Home Plane:
Portfolio: Oceans, aquatic elves, creation, knowledge
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Chaos, Good, Protection, Water
Holy Symbols:
Favoured Weapons: Trident

The Lord of the Undersea is the patron of aquatic elves. With his consort Trishinia, Queen of the Dolphins, he rules the world beneath the waves and creates ever-changing vistas of undersea beauty. Deep Sashelas appears as a handsome aquatic elf with sea-green skin and flowing blue-green hair. He is usually clad in leather armor made of sharkskin and decorated with fins and frills. Deep Sashelas is a charismatic leader and an inspired creator, but he is also fickle and flighty, as evidenced by the many tales of his amorous adventures with mermaids, mortal aquatic elves, and other lovely beings of the deep.


The clerics of Deep Sashelas are mostly aquatic elves, though surface elves also venerate him. All his clerics can swim, and they often act as mediators between aquatic and nonaquatic races. They oppose the sahuagin and often take the battle directly to their enemies.


Most shrines to the Dolphin Prince are built on the sea floor or on the faces of rocky cliffs, though some can be found on barren coastlines. Built of shells, coral, and driftwood, they are festooned with artistic creations of the elves. A pool of crystal-clear water serves as the altar.


The followers of the Dolphin Prince pray to him upon beginning new artistic projects and upon completing them, and when they are girding themselves for war against enemies of the aquatic elves. Prayers to Deep Sashelas always invoke the beauty of the undersea world and often ask for guidance in preserving it. "Lord of the Undersea, keep my resolve as strong as the tides and my weapon-arm as swift as the eel, that I may preserve the grandeur of the realm below the waves," goes one common prayer.


The clerics of Deep Sashelas hold rites at especially high and low tides, known as High Flow and Deep Ebb. Offerings of precious items from the sea and great works of art are made during these ceremonies, and his clerics hold water dances that involve swimming in prescribed patterns with dolphins and singing songs reminiscent of the crashing of waves upon the shore.


Followers of Deep Sashelas often undertake quests to retrieve magic items that control aquatic creatures, to attack sahuagin strongholds, or to establish alliances between elves and other races, both above and below the water.


Herald: A 20th-level celestial aquatic elf cleric serves as Deep Sashelas's herald.
Allies: Deep Sashelas's allies include tritons, celestial orcas, and advanced celestial cachalot whales. Deep Sashelas often sends magical beasts as planar allies, contrary to the spell description.

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