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Lesser god
Pantheon: Pharaonic Pantheon
Home Plane: Material Plane
Portfolio: Luck, music, protection
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Worshippers: Rogues, gamblers
Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, CE
Domains: Luck, Protection, Trickery
Holy Symbols: Image of the deity
Favoured Weapons: Short sword

The grotesque but cheerful Bes appears as a stunted, roundbodied and bow-legged human, about 4 feet tall, sporting a bushy beard and tail and wearing the skin of a panther. He is a god of luck as well as a protector of women in childbirth. He is said to be so ugly that his visage scares evil spirits away, and many followers of the Pharaonic gods keep statues of Bes in their homes to keep ill luck away. Bes is married to Hathor, who shares his interest in music and luck.


Even more so than Bast, Bes is a chaotic deity who cares little for dogma. He loves gambling, and gamblers alternately bless and curse his name, depending on their fortunes. He also delights in small children. People believe that a baby’s unexplained smile is an indication of Bes’s invisible presence, making faces that only the infant can see. Almost everyone calls on Bes at one time or another for luck, and Bes does not care about the morals or ethics of those who implore him for aid. He acts on whims, handing out good fortune as it pleases him and delighting like a child in the gifts offered to him.


Bes has few clerics, despite his popularity among the common people. His clerics usually earn reputations as rapscallions and scoundrels, avoiding any position of responsibility or respectability and playing tricks and pranks on people who are wrapped up in their own self-importance. They are not considered members of the priestly caste and do not conform to the standard dress for Pharaonic clerics. They dress and usually act much like the common people they serve. Most of Bes’s clerics are male.


Bes has no formal temples and no formal ritual of worship. He is worshiped at household shrines and more informally in gambling halls, taverns, and roadway shrines.

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