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Pantheon: Pharaonic Pantheon
Home Plane: The Twelve Hours of Night
Portfolio: Evil, fire, serpents
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Worshippers: Reptilian creatures, evil dragons, crazed cultists
Cleric Alignments: NE, CE, LE
Domains: Evil, Fire, Scalykind
Holy Symbols: Flaming snake
Favoured Weapons: Heavy pick

Apep is an evil creature of the underworld and an enemy of the gods (though sometimes an ally of Set). He is the living embodiment of evil in Pharaonic myth. Apep appears as a giant serpent, 100 feet long. He is served by hordes of demons, most of them sharing serpentine and fiery qualities.


Apep is reviled, not revered, in the temples of the Pharaonic pantheon. Officially - according to the priests of Re-Horakhty and the other deities - Apep has no worshipers, no temples, and no creed but destruction and evil. Those deranged, corrupt, and otherwise evil souls who devote themselves to Apep agree, at least in part. He has no creed but destruction: destruction of all the Pharaonic gods, their temples, their clerics, their worshipers, and even the world they created and the creatures that inhabit it. The followers of Apep - not as few as the priests of other deities would like people to believe - do not strive for a world dominated by evil; they strive for the end of the world.


Apep’s human clerics do not carry unholy symbols that might identify them, nor do they shave their heads or wear vestments as other Pharaonic clerics do. To all appearances, they are ordinary members of society - commoners, experts, fighters, rogues, wizards, or members of any character class but cleric. They meet with other cultists only in secret, under cover of darkness, in windowless cellars and behind locked and barred doors. Any hint of their activities would bring fiery wrath on their heads from the authorities and agents of the other Pharaonic deities, so they maintain the utmost secrecy. Apep also has a few clerics among evil creatures, particularly serpentine ones such as nagas, dragons, and yuan-ti. Among openly evil monsters such as these, clerics of Apep flaunt their power and position. They often construct elaborate temples - though still hidden from human eyes - deep in the desert or secluded in the mountains. These structures usually drip with snakes and snakelike motifs.

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