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Lesser god
Pantheon: Pharaonic Pantheon
Titles: Judge of the Dead
Home Plane: The Offering Fields
Portfolio: Judgment, death
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Worshippers: Guardians, embalmers, necromancers, monks
Cleric Alignments: LE, LG, LN
Domains: Law, Magic, Repose
Holy Symbols: Black jackal
Favoured Weapons: Mace

Anubis appears as a male human with the head and long tail of a dog or jackal. A neat mane of straight black hair falls over his shoulders. He dresses in a white knee-length kilt, a decorative scale mail breastplate of glittering gold, and a number of bracers and armbands. He typically carries either a scepter or a true ankh. He can use his Shift Form ability to take on the form of a jackal. Anubis is the son of Osiris and Nephthys.


Anubis guides the souls of dead mortals to the halls of judgment, supervises their weighing on the scales of Ma’at, and protects them on their journey. In addition, he guards cemeteries from grave robbers and other defilers. Anubis helped his mother Nephthys and his aunt Isis mummify Osiris (his father), applying his knowledge of herbs and medicines. He is also a keeper of magical knowledge, particularly that related to necromancy. Despite his knowledge of necromancy, he does not condone animating or controlling undead creatures, with the exception of mummies established as tomb guardians.

Followers of Anubis practice rigorous disciplines to hone
their minds and spirits, preparing themselves for the eventual journey to the afterlife. The Judge of the Dead has few devotees, but he is often worshiped at funerals, where his clerics typically officiate.


Anubis’s clerics are few and not especially popular, given their close association with funerals and the necropolis (graveyard). Not all of them perpetuate the stereotype of the gaunt, dour, intimidating mortician - but enough of them do that the stereotype remains valid. As with all Pharaonic clerics, male clerics of Anubis shave their heads while female clerics wear their hair long. They dress in white robes. Most of Anubis’s clerics are male.


Anubis’s temples are always located next to cemeteries and
follow the general layout of most Pharaonic temples. They are funeral chapels, embalming centers, and guarded repositories of sacred and magical knowledge.

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